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Your personal goals and our know-how will result in the optimal investment strategy for your assets. Let’s make plans together now.


We achieve your goals together

Do you know your goals, do you want to optimize your goals or make them more precise? Have you coordinated your goals with the next generation? Do your family’s ideas and individual lifestyles match your personal considerations? How does the next generation feel about continuing business activities? Is the handover strategically, legally and fiscally secure?

The strategic advisor - your core to success

Strategic consulting is our core, holistic support and advice. Here, an experienced person in the family business gets an overall picture of your entire strategy, your assets and your family’s ideas. In this way, we can take care of you pro-actively and holistically and can make optimizations, but in any case ensure that your legacy is legally, fiscally and strategically secure.

The Family

Each family has unique qualities, goals, perspectives and lifestyles. We help to ensure that these 4 points are valid and can be maintained for the next generation.

Our strategic advice for families

Wealth Management

This service is very important for HNWIs and families. A family business expert gets an overall picture of you and your assets to be managed. This takes into account, legislation, interests, current trends and what is feasible. This person closes your knowledge and understanding gaps. For this purpose, the expert coordinates with other experts, if the situation requires it. We discover the „blind spot“ and remove it. 

Consulting next generation

It is often forgotten that the next generation should be involved in the family business at an early stage. It makes sense because, as a rule, when the next generation takes the helm, changes are imminent. We coach the next generations and make them fit for the family business. We deal intensively with the next generation so that there is a professional transition without stress.If you want to learn more about it, contact us at


Philanthropic advice

Wealthy families tend to be philanthropically active as well. We provide expertise, and a functional foundation, for building and managing your charitable program. We can also optimize. Our experts can also handle the operations of your charity program. Talk to our philanthropic advisor. We’ll be happy to help. Share your ideas with us.  We are very well networked in international philanthropic acting. Leave nothing to chance.

Estates and Trust

Individual families have unique qualities and perspectives, as well as different goals for how assets and values can be passed on to future generations. The use of a trust is an instrument that can be applied. We take care that legacies can be created, lived and passed on to the next generation in a professional and legally secure way.

Family Inheritance and Governance

A clear and visible governance structure in a family office, is extremely important. It also helps to ensure that your wealth is preserved over several generations. It helps make powers visible and clear. It’s important to us that you look at your wealth, across multiple generations, so we can help you with your family’s dynamics and goals to create a smooth transition. Talk to our advisor. 

Insurance advice

Insurance is important, but it also requires a certain amount of effort. We have an expert for every insurance policy, whether you want life insurance, want to insure your yacht or jet, or have a completely different concern, our specialists will help you and can also make suggestions if you wish. We are here to help you. Even if the request should have an exotic character. Just contact us if you have any questions about insurance.

We work, advise and coach internationally

Our experts have exceptionally deep knowledge in international, tax, legal, entrepreneurship, management consulting, asset management, wealth management, executive – & HNWIs as well as family office and private bank coaching.

Executive & HNWIs Coaching

Is your personal life plan meaningful, balanced, inspiring and life-affirming? Does your current quality of life match what you hope for? 

Mark Pfeil – Executive and HNWIs Coach, accompanies you on the next step to more meaning in life and inner satisfaction. Thanks to exchange, discussions, pointing out perspectives and options for action. Individually and tailor-made, it is possible to achieve a better quality of life.  The goal is to shape your life in such a way that your assets, career, family, friends, leisure time and health as a whole are in balance.

We advise, manage and coach in a modern, holistic and independent way. This creates a true joint collaboration with you. We manage and increase your wealth according to your ideas and the lifestyles of your family members.

Your health and well-being are also important to us. We offer private health consultation and beneficial HNWIs retreats.

Your personal success, starts with a conversation

A personal lifestyle desk, is available to each client

Our Lifestyle Desk for Experiences, Health, Lifestyle and Travel for High Net Worth Individuals, is always available to our clients. Professional services, consultations and coaching at the highest level is one of our trademarks. Learn all about our unique High Net Worth Individuals service world. We are also here for you!  Please contact us if you would like to learn more. 

As a modern family office, we offer very flexible solutions for families. In the professional and private context. 

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„What lies behind us and what lies ahead are miniscule things compared to what lies within us“.  Holmes Wende, poet

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