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We help to establish Single Family and Multi Family Offices and offer all services and advantages of a Multi Family Office. We are specialists for Family Business.


Single Family Office

Successfully establishing a Single Family Office is different than establishing a growing business. Therefore, owner families need to be clear upfront and visualize what exactly they want to establish and where their needs lie, they need to lay out and play through their options in advance in order to establish a custom-fit Single Family Office for their family. We have the expertise and can support you in this. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

Multi Family Office

You want to use a service from a multi family office?  Here, too, it must be clear and visible in advance what exactly you need. Here, too, you need to lay out your options in advance and play through them in order to find or establish a multi-family office that is a perfect fit. We have the expertise and can support you in this. If you have any questions about the topic, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

Family Offices

We are specialists for Family Offices, High Net Wort Individuals, Family Business, Governance, Owner Strategy, Advisory Board and Leadership Development. We see ourselves as sparring partners, coaches and mediators for the family business.

Our Services Family Offices
Single Family Office Advisory

We are specialists for Family Offices, High Net Wort Individuals, Family Business, Governance, Owner Strategy, Advisory Board and Leadership Development. We see ourselves as sparring partners, coaches and mediators for the family business.


Together with you and your family, we will develop a concept for a family office or recommend a multi family office that perfectly suits you and your family. 


Unsere Muli Family Office Service

Individuelle Vermögensstrukturierung

Direktinvestitionen in Unternehmen

Allgemeine Vermögensverwaltung

Koordination der Nachlassplanung

Koordinierung der Steuerplanung

Zugang zu externen Steuer- und Rechtsberatern

Koordinierung einer Familiencharta

Finanzielle Bildung/Vererbreitung

Finanzplanung für die nächste Generation



HNWIs Concierge-Erfahrung

Zugang zum Family-Office-Netzwerk

Regulatorische Planung

Schaffung oder Optimierung von Governance

Family Offices and the Shapes

Successful family entrepreneurs can generate a large fortune with know-how and clever ideas. In some families, even the next generation increases the existing assets, for example by selling companies. A huge fortune is created. What is now a sensible next writing? We would say a family office.

There are two types of family offices. A single family office, which takes care of the assets of a single family. A Multi Family Office, which takes care of the assets of multiple families. A Single Family Office should be established from about 80 million Euros of assets to be managed and increased. Below that you should join a Multi Family Office.

The forms, of a family office of high net worth individuals, the family or the extended family can be designed differently.

The assets are held under the umbrella of a family holding company (embedded single family office). The CFO also takes care of the family assets.

The virtual form means that the family members directly hold the assets that the family office looks after.

A separate independent Single Family Office is established, an external organization. This organization is completely independent from the company. The Single Family Office, holds and manages the asset titles, of the family. The Single Family Office is usually headed by a Family Officer. This person will usually also set up other investment structures together with the family members.

Company without family business: The family business has been sold. The former family shareholders decide to invest the proceeds of the sale together and join a Multi Family Office.

What is the basic point to consider?

When developing a suitable structure for the family assets managed by the family office, the owner family should consider the following criteria:

Tax optimized, Good taxability, Legal feasibility, Easy inheritability, Clear governance, Family officer should be a qualified expert in capital market issues with management experience

Executive & HNWIs Coaching

Is your personal life plan meaningful, balanced, inspiring and life-affirming? Does your current quality of life match what you hope for? 

Mark Pfeil – Executive and HNWIs Coach, accompanies you on the next step to more meaning in life and inner satisfaction. Thanks to exchange, discussions, pointing out perspectives and options for action. Individually and tailor-made, it is possible to achieve a better quality of life.  The goal is to shape your life in such a way that your assets, career, family, friends, leisure time and health as a whole are in balance.

We advise, manage and coach in a modern, holistic and independent way. This creates a true joint collaboration with you. Family business in all its facets has become our passion over the years.

Your health and well-being are also important to us. We offer a Private Health Consultation and beneficial HNWIs Retreats.

Your personal success, starts with a conversation

A personal lifestyle desk, is available to each client

Our Lifestyle Desk for Experiences, Health, Lifestyle and Travel for High Net Worth Individuals, is always available to our clients. Professional services, consultations and coaching at the highest level is one of our trademarks. Learn all about our unique High Net Worth Individuals service world. We are also here for you!  Please contact us if you would like to learn more. 

As a modern family office, we offer very flexible solutions for families. In the professional and private context. 

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