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We know many lifestyles of wealthy individuals and families. We know that in every family there are usually several generations with partly different lifestyles and ways of thinking, and yet it is one family.


Life and lifestyle advice for HNWIs

We have been serving high net worth individuals and families for over 10 years. This has allowed us to get to know many lifestyles of high net worth individuals. We are interested in the stories of the individual lifestyles so that we can incorporate them into the overall wealth strategy.  We also show you how individual lifestyles can be lived without the loss of wealth and problems and the next generation is also secured. Wealthy people are exposed to a different risk than people who are not so wealthy. 

Arrive at the destination safely, with the best quality of life

We are the experts for wealthy individuals and families. In a business or private context. For us every detail, no matter how small it is, for us, it is important. 

We offer unique lifestyle concepts for HNWIs, we optimize lifestyles and also serve as mediators within families. Because we want you to have a happy family life and enjoy an optimal quality of life.

Your health and well-being are also important to us. We offer a Private Health Consultation and beneficial HNWIs Retreats.

HNWIs Retreats

Sometimes it’s important to switch off and focus on what’s important. Urban and Tropical Retreats. 


High Net Worth Individuals - Experiences

We take you around the globe, to the hottest HNWIs events with VIP status.  Check our event calendar. We take care of you on site, if you wish. 

Best of Europe 23 & 24

Discover the most beautiful location of Europe, through a round trip in private jet. 14 – 28 days. Experience a fantastic nature, the most amazing metropolises and sandy beaches. 

Book your Private estates and villas

For your summer vacation 2023 and your winter vacation 2022/23 in Europe and North America. 

Luxury winter vacation 2023

Book your winter vacation for example in St. Moritz, Gstaad, Kitzbühel, Arlberg or in Aspen. 

Your personal success, starts with a conversation

A personal lifestyle desk, is available to each client

Our Lifestyle Desk for Experiences, Health, Lifestyle and Travel for High Net Worth Individuals, is always available to our clients. Professional services, consultations and coaching at the highest level is one of our trademarks. Learn all about our unique High Net Worth Individuals service world. We are also here for you!  Please contact us if you would like to learn more. 

As a modern family office, we offer very flexible solutions for families. In the professional and private context. 

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„What lies behind us and what lies before us are miniscule things compared to what lies within us.“  Holmes Wende, poet

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