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We, the Family Office Service is completely independent of banks, brokers and intermediaries. We provide you as a wealthy client or wealthy organization with professional support in all matters. Whether in a private or business context. That is our strength! Wealth management, family office services, HNWIs and executive coaching of trust companies and family offices are our main focus. In addition, we try to solve the affairs of elites, extremely discreet and best possible. We succeed in this with a global network of specialists. 

We actively act for your success and your family!

We act actively, with foresight and across generations. Because we know most of the ideas and concerns of our clientele. If not, we talk with our clients about it and find also for you, a custom-fit solution that fits into your strategy and your ideas. Get in contact with us. Our consultants are there for you. In North America, Canada and Europe

Modern Family Office Management - that pleases

We think and act holistically in order to find the optimal solution for your concern. We closely observe current events and the markets so that we can individually incorporate trends and opportunities that arise into your strategy so that you can concentrate on the essentials. Get in touch with usIn 

The essence is yourself!

For us, the essence is yourself, your family, your best possible quality of life and meaningful action. Each of your days should begin with the right joy of life, so that you can grow perfectly every day, in all directions. We are happy to help you with this. 

Holistic - private & business

Use your time, singing, full of friends and enjoy your quality of life at the highest possible level. Our specialists can help you with this. Talk to our experts and professional consultants. We will help you fairly with any concern. contact us.

We finance luxury

Your passion is luxury? Do you love luxury as much as we do? Then talk to us about financing. We finance all luxury goods whether it is yachts, jets or art. Sometimes it makes sense to look for professional solutions outside your own bank or network!

We advise, manage and coach in a modern, holistic and independent way. This creates a genuine joint collaboration with you. We manage your assets - according to your ideas.

Your health and well-being are also important to us. We offer a Private Health Consultation and beneficial HNWIs Retreats.

Leaders Coaching - for HNWIs & Family Office Managers


Family Office & Treuhand 

Family Office and Fiduciary Coaching

The number of high net worth individuals has been increasing worldwide for years. Family offices are springing up like mushrooms. We coach executives of family offices and trust companies. Contact us. North America, Canada and Europe. If you are interested, contact us.


HNWIs Coaching

High Net Worth Individuals Coaching

We have been coaching HNWIs for over 10 years. Is your personal life plan meaningful, balanced, inspiring and life-affirming? Does your current quality of life match what you want? Talk to our coach about your possibilities. Sometimes it makes sense to exchange ideas. 


HNWIs Retreats & Coaching

Concentration on the essentials

Our retreat concept is a mixture of coaching and relaxation. In a secluded and shielded place, it is about the essential – About you! Relaxation – refuel – take off. Why wait? We are here for you. Contact us. Our Lifestyle and Health Desk is looking forward to you.

With these skills we can assist you

Our services target high net worth individuals and family offices. In particular, on the global challenges, the change and the changes that are occurring ever faster for this clientele. We support our clients, holistically in the private and business context. With consulting, coaching and management.

Investment Management

We help our clients develop customized multi-asset investment strategies and solutions tailored to their objectives and understanding of risk. Our professional advisors take into account the current opportunities.

Advisory Services

We advise our clients on estate and tax planning. External professional advisors do this by looking at the client's overall picture and taking into account current legislation to fill in gaps with the client's understanding.

Holistic Family Office Solutions

We assist in finding or optimizing suitable family office solutions for individuals and families. We implement individual family office services and processes, tailored to individual needs across generations. Single and Multi Family Office Solutions.

Asset Protection

We are committed to protecting your assets. Because assets must also be protected, so that there are no surprises. Here we consider different legal techniques and valid laws. Asset Protection for individuals and organizations.

Lifestyle Advisory

We counsel individuals and families, across generations about possible lifestyles and help make different lifestyles acceptable for the whole family. In addition, we offer Travels, Retreats, Events and experiences for HNWIs.


We coach individual HNWI and families, we help thereby, in the conflict avoidance and an optimal quality of life of individual family members. We coach executives of family offices.

Your personal success, starts with a conversation

A personal lifestyle desk, is available to each client

Our Lifestyle Desk for Experiences, Health, Lifestyle and Travel for High Net Worth Individuals, is always available to our clients. Professional services, consultations and coaching at the highest level is one of our trademarks. Learn all about our unique High Net Worth Individuals service world. We are also here for you!  Please contact us if you would like to learn more. 

As a modern family office Service Company, we offer very flexible solutions for families. In the professional and private context. 

Our Partners

In the area of high net worth individuals, families and organizations, the standard of discretion, services and personal attention is set at the highest possible level. That’s why all three partners are part of the Kevin Underwood Group. You’ll have a trusted advisor for all services and won’t be passed around. We look forward to welcoming you to our unique world of service for High Net Worth Individuals, wealthy families, supporter for HNWIs and organizations.

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