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Mark Pfeil – the coach for high net worth individuals, families, family offices and private banks with over 10 years of experience in helping high net worth individuals, families and organizations, is happy to help you too.


Coaching for High Net Worth Individiduals

People who have less money believe that if they were rich, their problems would be solved. Most of the time, however, a real fortune only complicates matters. Even as a wealthy person, you can get into the wack, you can make missteps or suffer blows of fate. Your ideas can change and much more.

You've reached the top financially - but you still have the impression that something is missing?

You’ve reached the top financially, you’re happy with your success. You’re an entrepreneur, with a long successful wealth history, you came into money overnight because you succeeded. You are an aspiring sports star, you became a tech millionaire, you got an inheritance or you became rich through a financial deal, unexpectedly? Yet you realize something is missing?

Achieve your goals safely, with the best quality of life

We are the experts for high net worth individuals and families. We support in achieving business and private goals and help to realize lifestyles and ideas. 

Your personal growth is constricted?

Through external constraints, through „your inner team“, and expectations, external determination and constricted in the role play of your functions in the professional as well as private context, you realize that you are dissatisfied despite the success, that your personal growth is constricted?

The coaching assignment

You want to exchange ideas with an external, completely independent confidant on an equal footing. You are ready to create your own life plan? Because you are no longer sure whether your current life plan is meaningful, balanced, inspiring and life-affirming? Your quality of life seems and feels limited? Then now is the right time to give me a coaching assignment.

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High Net Worth Individuals – Familys

Persons under public law

Top athletes

Business owner


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My roles



Family business expert, sparring partner, mediator for business succession, family business governance, owner strategy and leadership development and in family differences. The Family Consultant. 



Name: Mark Pfeil


Languages: German & English

Coaching-Languages: German

Certified interdisciplinary coach from 2023. Over 10 years of experience with High Net Worth Individuals und Families. For questions, just contact me. 

We offer coaching for HNWIs, we optimize lifestyles and also serve as mediators within families. Because we want you to have a happy family life and enjoy an optimal quality of life.

Your health and well-being are also important to us. We offer a Private Health Consultation and beneficial HNWIs Retreats.

HNWIs Retreats und Coaching

Sometimes it’s important to switch off and focus on what’s important. Urban and Tropical Retreats, in conjunction with coaching. 


Your personal success, starts with a conversation

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„What lies behind us and what lies ahead are miniscule things compared to what lies within us“.  Holmes Wende, poet

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