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Mark Pfeil – the coach for high net worth individuals, families, family offices and private banks with over 10 years of experience in helping high net worth individuals, families and organizations, is happy to help you too.


We focus on quality and professionalism in coaching

Coaching must be professional and respectful in all phases and transparent to the client.  We also rely on a qualified approach to the coaching process.  

A High Net Worth Individuals Coaching, takes place in the course of an existing support process. The first step is an initial meeting. The purpose of the initial meeting is for the coach and the coachee to get to know each other. It is absolutely clear to us that trust and discretion are not only addressed, but also lived and implemented.

The Coach Identity from our CEO

He is passionate about developing talent, strengthening and optimizing leadership, and optimizing life satisfaction for individuals. His aspiration is to bring performance – people and results orientation into a successful balance. He is committed to bringing technical progress into harmony with ecology.

Procedure Coaching - Order

Initial interview

Coach and client get to know each other. The prerequisites and the initial situation are clarified. One notices whether the chemistry between client and coach could fit. First entry into topics of the client possible. After that, the second Term follows.

Second Term

In the second appointment, the further procedure is clarified. An objective is set. A formal coaching contract is concluded and the rules of the game between client and coach are defined. Then follows the third step. The process starts. Everything between Client and Coach is clear.

Follow Terms

In the following appointments, the coaching begins. The concern or concerns have been analyzed. The individual concerns that the client has and those that emerged from the analysis, are worked on together. The process run. Until both are of the opinion that the success has been achieved.

Closing Date

Evaluation of the coaching. Here we talk about the coaching and the results. We determine a formal end. We talk about how to deal with each other in the future. Our door is open to you Lifetime. That is a fantastic service for our clients.Reflection takes place between client and coach.

Requirements for coaching

I clarify the following points with the coachee in advance to find out whether coaching can take place or not.  In order for coaching to work, these listed points should be adhered to. 

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Human image

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Coaching understanding

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Understanding leadership

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