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We stand for modern family office services. For modern wealth management, asset management and sustainable substantial growth. We create a profitable asset structure that also creates and preserves wealth for future generations.

We have developed a special HNWIs coaching concept that can give you more quality of life.

Our Family Office Service

We recognized early on that there is a rapid increase in high net worth individuals – high net worth individuals, families and organizations. This is not just a regional fact, that is confirmed globally. With new millionaires and billionaires, whose wealth should increase sustainably and across generations, the demands on the investments and on the management of the assets, as well as on the holistic care of this clientele, and not to forget, the additional services that a modern family office should offer to the family members, in order to do justice to all. Because at the latest when the second generation takes the helm, the processes, structures and investment decisions are adapted, usually more professional and develop an increasingly institutional character. We are prepared for this.

Clear governance is increasingly important

Not only the ideas of the wealthy where to invest, but also the degree of co-determination, a clear governance and the technical tools for family offices, will play a major role in the future for clients of a family office or for founders of a SFO and for asset managers. This means that new organizational structures will have to be implemented. In addition, more and more generations live in a family with different orientations, ideas, perceptions and gender orientation, which usually brings conflicts, which a well-positioned family office with the appropriate staff should absorb. But in any case, the next generation should be involved in decision-making processes at an early stage.  

We are constantly developing

We know that a good family office should constantly develop the business model, which we are constantly doing to meet the points listed above. We can assist you in the establishment of SFOs or offer you services from a modern Multi-Family Office. However, we can also discreetly recommend a suitable Multi Family Office if we feel it is a better fit for you and your family. We do not only offer the classic services of family offices, our founder discreetly coaches high net worth individuals, families and executives of family offices. Because the constant change and the constant transformation, does not stop at this industry. A proactive coaching for all social systems in a family office, are a good investment to prevent conflicts from arising in the first place.  

Our Services
Managing Director of Family Office Service - Mark Pfeil

Our Mr. Pfeil has been serving high net worth individuals and families internationally for over 10 years, working with family offices, private banks with the luxury goods industry and HNWIs supporters. He recognized very early on, the new challenges facing High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Asset Managers and Wealth Managers.

With this knowledge he founded a completely independent family office service, with a fantastic service world for HNWIs, families, family offices, asset managers and organizations. Family Office Service, is a network of international specialists. They take care of your wealth, your assets, your health and your quality of life, the well-being of your family and lifestyle issues, individually according to your specifications and ideas, without external influences and interests.

Inside Managing Direktor - Family Office-Service

My „Journey of Life „led me to my calling ….

The number of family offices, especially single family offices, has been increasing for years. The way of thinking about how assets should be invested and managed is increasingly changing, often when the second generation takes the helm.

This process poses challenges for many SFOs. This is because the trend is also moving more and more in the direction of direct investment and a say for the owners. SFOs are therefore becoming more professional and developing an increasingly institutional character.

Building & structuring these new structures, processes as well as investment decisions has become my passion.

Background .......

As a young adult, Mr. Pfeil lived and worked in America. His further professional career took him to Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, the Czech Republic, Asia and Dubai. These experiences have had a lasting effect on his view of the world. He is curious about people and the stories behind them. He has an eye for complexity.

He started his career at KPMG. After that, he worked for IBM as a project employee. Inspired by the start-up phase, he worked as a business developer for international start-ups in different areas and built up worldwide sales structures. He founded companies himself until he found his real passions, the luxury goods industry, advising, mentoring and coaching high net worth individuals and executives inclusive with the topic, bank independent private wealth management.

He is a certified interdisciplinary coach as of 2023. He has over 10 years of experience advising, mentoring and coaching HNWIs & Executives, with the luxury goods industry, family offices and private banks. He focuses on Wealth Management, Asset Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Development, Motivation & Performance, Change, Vision & Meaning and Corporate and Team Culture.

In addition, Mr. Pfeil runs the website, and the blog 

In addition, our founder made a professional interdisciplinary coaching training to meet his overall requirement to provide holistic optimal support to wealthy people in the private and professional context. Far away from the „experts“, to look at things from other perspectives, to go into oneself and to find own solutions/decisions.  Because many challenges, can be solved perfectly and in a stress-free way with an external professional coach, who has already worked actively with wealthy people and families.

Especially with wealthy people, conflicts are often found on the emotional side, less on the factual. Interpersonal „the inner team“, rope teams, loyalty, constraints and traditions as keywords mentioned. Where are the limits, for an optimal individual quality of life and a family peace?

Summa Summarum

We offer all kinds of family office services completely independent and not controlled by others, but only by you. We assist you in establishing your own single family office or help you to choose the right multi family office. We are asset managers, wealth managers and advisors. We take care of tax planning or a review of your tax planning. Our experts can take a look at the work of your asset manager and make suggestions for improvement, if necessary, because we are completely independent. Because optimizing the asset structure usually only brings advantages.

We are happy to support you and your family professionally, with services that make sense for you, but are not yet offered to you, in a private and professional context. Here we think, for example, of a coaching service for wealthy individuals and families. We are also happy to coach your family office, so that it can work even more effectively for you and your family in the future, because existing family offices often lack the impetus for renewal.  

Our team consists of experts in their field. We offer a unique service to clients from all sectors. Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio or simply plan for the future, we are here to help. Our in-depth knowledge of international investment opportunities will help you create and preserve wealth for generations to come. Through our close and reputable relationships with international experts and private organizations around the world, we give you access to world-class investment opportunities.

In addition, you are also important to us as a person. Not only do we want your wealth to grow or to be managed exceptionally well, but we also want you to grow as a person or as a family. Because, as we all know, there should be a balance between body – mind and soul. We build on the fact that every human individual, in his own way, can actualize himself and thereby self-actualize to live a life with an optimal quality of life.

We hope you will trust our expertise and contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Our mission statement

Change is unsettling when it is forced upon us, and invigorating when it happens through us.

 Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Harvard Business School)

We are passionately committed to growing and managing your assets optimally and sustainably as an „external family member“. To advise you optimally. To create and preserve wealth for future generations. Protecting your assets and seeing you and your family as people.

Excerpts of our values

Independent, unreservedly wanting only the best for the customer, with no vested interests, being honest, discreet, open, straightforward, appreciative, clear, inspiring, providing impetus, solution-oriented, professionally perfect, self-updating, trusting and encouraging.

Our Mission

To create an atmosphere of equality between our clients and us. Worldwide individually, finding the best investment opportunities for our clients. To optimize the clients‘ asset structure in a sustainable and independent way, without any own or third party interests except those of the client. To be an asset manager without blind spots. To actively involve clients, in the management. A complete customer orientation and to include the ideas and interests that the customer has as a person, in decisions. Because customers in the professional and private context, optimally to care for.

Our Vision

To always be able to offer our clients individual, precisely fitting investment opportunities. That our clients can identify with our proposals. That our clients can decide for new and also for sustainability. That our clients accept our responsible actions for the benefit of the client, which are aimed at sustainable success. That clients recognize the need for a faded balance between wealth and quality of life, and also align their lives accordingly. That there is a dignity of trust and long-term cooperation in the professional and private context, so that as many family members as possible can benefit from it. 

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„What lies behind us and what lies ahead are miniscule things compared to what lies within us“.  Holmes Wende, poet

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